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Oct 8, 2016

In this episode, Devi chats with Judi Bonilla about her mission to shift the global conversation and consciousness around aging. Devi and Judi discuss: what led Judi into being an advocate for a new paradigm for aging the "practice" of aging as a journey and pathway to discovering the calling of who we are meant to be being "propelled" through each decade of our lives into a new discovery of who we are how an "exit" at the other end of life, brings us into the present moment and gives us perspective on our lives modeling the behavior of aging for future generations being mindful that it is a privilege that we "get to have" the larger number birthdays the power of mentoring across generations building social capital in our communities the transitional points that we go through in aging and some great ways to prepare how to have the tough conversations that come with aging how to live and work in another country straight out of school resources for helping a loved one that is needing to transition out of driving the ripple effect of moving from independence to interdependence learning to be a gracious receiver how long to stay in our homes, as we age the "great American disconnect" around aging the amount of "millennials" vs. "baby boomers" how to market to a group of people who are not necessarily online the different phases of the aging population who the key decision makers are in the aging marketplace acknowledging the things that people who are older get right "embracing the future", also known as "aging" and much more… Judi Bonilla is an aging expert, author, and Director of Innovation at Advocates For Aging. This Boomer Spiritual entrepreneur launched the first lifelong learning incubator almost a decade ago. Judi believes lifelong learning is the key to aging well and empowerment.  Her highly acclaimed programs have really struck a chord with older seniors. Brain Fit Now, an interactive workshop uses research based data to reduce the risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia; Come Back Cupid, an online dating and sexual education program; Encore 101 HQ, an entrepreneur mentorship program for adults age 50 and over; and We Get Around, a comprehensive driving retirement and public safety program for older adult drivers and their families. Judi is a deeply heart centered spiritual entrepreneur, bridging generations through interdependence and helping seniors enjoy their golden years by teaching them that growing older is a time for opportunity and discovery.   You can connect with Judi: On her website: On her Facebook Page: On Twitter: Get her book "Freewheeling After Sixty: Design Your Personalized Transportation System": More about Judi: A Unique Voice Most noteworthy is her unique voice in the field of aging. Judi intertwines her caregiving, entrepreneur, and gerontology experiences into her blogs and on social media. In the summer of 2016 she plans to release her first book Freewheeling after Sixty. This information packed book focuses on empowering experienced drivers by building a personalized transportation system. In addition, those purchasing the book are invited to join a community and share tips on maintaining freedom and mobility. Multigenerational Approach While some aging experts focus on a specific age segment Judi believes aging well begins when aging is understood at every age. As a result she focuses on bridging generations through interdependence. The idea we are connected and dependent on one another for a better future. In 2016 demographics solidified her vision as Millennials number 75.4 million. Therefore today’s 74.9 million Boomers are just the first wave in aging America and have the power to influence future generations.