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WELCOME Spiritual Entrepreneur!   We have some BIG updates brewing and will be back to new episodes soon.  We are moving our show website as well, so you'll want to use from now on. In the meantime, enjoy these episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope you will LOVE.   You can also visit Devi  Thank you for being here! 

Jul 29, 2016

In this episode, Devi speaks with Carl F. Hicks, Jr., Ph.D., who serves as President and CEO of The Growth Group, LLC and principal management consultant. Carl's results-oriented approach combines his management education and his approachable, conversational style with more than 30 years of Executive Coaching and Management Consulting experience. With wit and a unique ability to align individual performance with organizational objectives, Carl enables clients to free themselves from non-value added details to focus on mission-critical, strategic initiatives. Concentrating on The Human Side of Management, Carl helps clients identify, think through and effectively address interpersonal and performance issues that act as a drag on their success. Working with firms ranging in size from emerging entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, Carl has helped them identify and develop their top managerial talent, strengthen their work teams and optimize their organization’s performance. Carl received his Ph.D. in Business Administration and MBA from the University of Arkansas and his BS in Management with distinction from Mississippi State University. Carl and his wife, Carolyn, are the proud parents of daughter, Natalya, founder and CEO of Natalya Bah Consulting in Washington D.C., and the happy grandparents of three grandchildren. He and his wife divide their time between their homes in Chevy Chase, MD and Hilton Head Island, SC. During this episode, we discuss: Carl's recent experience on silent retreat and some of the major takeaways and insights that he has received over the years from this practice. What it takes to find true fulfillment in life. How slowing down can give us insights that we might otherwise miss out on, during our day-to-day life experiences. Carl's daily routine and how he balances all aspects of his life, including taking 10 weeks of vacation a year, while maintaining a highly lucrative and thriving coaching and consulting practice. What one question to ask yourself to help you discover your life purpose. What to be thinking about if you are transitioning into the position of CEO. How to get started in a new business venture as a Spiritual Entrepreneur and so much more...  Have a listen! During this episode, Carl also shares some powerful quotes, one-liners, and great books for you to read. You can learn more about Carl Hicks at his website: or you can contact him directly by phone: (240) 351-4897 or by email: His books, High Impact Ideas for Your Life and Unlock the Growth Potential of Your Organization, are available at