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WELCOME Spiritual Entrepreneur!   We have some BIG updates brewing and will be back to new episodes soon.  We are moving our show website as well, so you'll want to use from now on. In the meantime, enjoy these episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope you will LOVE.   You can also visit Devi  Thank you for being here! 

Sep 30, 2018

(Septemberfest) (Devi download) In this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi talks about "Upgrading Your Consciousness".

Learn about...

  • Devi's extraordinary life experiences as a singer-songwriter and as a Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Devi's secret love of innovation and technology
  • How consciousness plays a big role in our lives
  • How we can remove old programming
  • Having our own connection to the divine through our “inner wisdom” 
  • Ways to upgrade your consciousness
  • Optimizing your “connection” to the Divine
  • Having a “presence practice” 
  • Practices to deepen your connection to the “Divine Cloud”
  • Connecting through “meditation”
  • Practices to shift your energy
  • Embracing your “bad" experiences as a Divine teacher
  • Letting your feelings come up and move through you
  • Accepting and connecting with your emotions
  • Devi's life practice that she calls “Living Namaste”
  • Focusing and giving attention to the “light” within
  • Being filled with “grace and acceptance"

and more...

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