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Feb 3, 2018

In this episode, Devi chats with Marine Negro about how to take charge of your internal currency and stay energetically fit.  Martine has spent 30 years practicing Oriental “Mind Body Health” and has helped thousands of students understand the energetic dynamics of the human system. She is the co-founder of the Diploma of Energetic Healing at Nature Care College, co-initiator and life member of The International Energetic Healing Association, and president of The Dowsers Society of NSW.

Devi and Martine discuss:

  • Energetic interior design
  • Decluttering your internal energetic system
  • Raising your energetic currency
  • How to get connected to your body
  • Using your body as a realization mechanism for your subconscious
  • How to move out of chronic illness
  • How your energetic patterns can affect your business
  • The importance of clearing old energy patterns to be present in your life and business
  • CEO as a "Chief Energy Officer"
  • Shifting your energy to shift your finances
  • How to know if you have stuck energy that needs to be cleared
  • The power of our words over our body
  • Processing and shifting energy in the moment
  • Practicing "tuning in" on the "easy things" first
  • The importance of checking in with your heart
  • Witnessing every experience as spiritual training
  • How to know when you are in your full power

and more…

Connect with Martine on her website @

More about Martine:

Originally born in France, Martine always felt she was an explorer. She started by exploring the world, traveling to many countries, before settling in Australia, and discovering the even more amazing inner (and outer) world of Energy through the study of Oriental medicine.

Since then, she has been exploring the magical field of Mind-Body Energetics through the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine (Australia, China), Shiatsu and Oki Yoga (Japan), Bowen therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Au), Imagery, Energetic Radiance Stress Management (USA), Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique, Focusing technique (Au), training also in the Science of Intuition with C. Myss (USA), Dowsing with multiple teachers, and as a Divine Healing Hands practitioner with Dr Sha.

She has also studied esoteric wisdom for 13 years with the late Dr. Groves who was able to link nature and science to spiritual laws and truths.

Through the synergy of ancient wisdom and the latest quantum physics researchers, Martine believes we can establish a true “HEALTH” care system in which every person can re-empower his or herself through energetic management, and fully engage with their practitioners in the process of returning to wellness.