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Jan 6, 2018

In this episode, Devi chats with Christine Kloser about how to "Get Your Book Done". Christine is an international speaker on the topic of transformational authorship, and transformational leadership. She is the founder of the Transformational Author Experience, and author of thirteen books, including the best-selling and award-winning books, Conscious Entrepreneurs, The Freedom Formula, Pebbles In The Pond and Get Your Book Done.

Devi and Christine discuss:

  • The "Transformation Quadrant" and how you can use it to map out your book
    • SELF (Upper Left): What is the transformation that you want for yourself through your book?
    • READER (Bottom Left): What is the transformation that you want for your reader?
    • BUSINESS (Upper Right): What is the transformation that you want for your business?
    • WORLD: (Bottom Right): What is the transformation that you want your book to have in the world?
  • The success secret of writing your book for only one person
  • The Three Big "Whys"
    • Why are you writing the book?
    • Why you?
    • Why now?
  • Your Life is a roadmap leading to the destination of your book
  • Creating your book’s North star by writing your back cover copy, first:
    • Who is your book for?
    • How are you going to help them?
    • What kinds of a result are you going to deliver?
    • What may be possible in their life, from reading the book?
  • What goes on the back of your book:
    • Headline
    • Descriptive Paragraphs
    • Bullet points
    • Short Author Bio
    • Endorsements
  • Writing your dream endorsements
  • How to get endorsements
  • How to utilize endorsements to help your book popularity on your Amazon page, your website, and press releases
  • Self-publishing, hybrid publishing, vs. traditional publishing
  • What traditional publishers are looking for in new authors
  • The difference between “available in bookstores” and “in bookstores”
  • What happens if your book doesn’t fly off of the shelves in a bookstore after it is published
  • How to leverage your book, as a speaker
  • How to use your book to build your list
  • Inviting the reader to take the "next step" with you
  • Creating a simple companion to your book
  • The importance of not making your book look like an advertisement
  • Sharing success stories in your book
  • Coming from a place of service
  • How long it typically takes to write and publish a book
  • How to brainstorm and organize your book with index cards and a spreadsheet
  • The importance of trusting that part of you that is deeper than reason, that doesn’t need approval, that knows what you know what you know, even if it goes against the grain.

and more…

Learn More about Christine:

A master facilitator and trainer on discovering your core message, writing your transformational book, and making a difference as a leader in the world, Christine has trained 70,000 writers in more than 125 countries. Christine facilitates her premier My Time to Write author mentorship program for members around the world, teaches her signature Get Your Book Done program online to thousands, and facilitates transformational writing retreats throughout the year... including fabulous destinations like Costa Rica, and Tulum, Mexico!

Connect with Christine on her website @ ChristineKloser.comGet her aspiring author action guide @ freegiftfromchristine.comReach out with inquiries to

On Facebook: @ ChristineKloserFanPage
On YouTube: @

Resources Mentioned:
The Freedom Formula: How to Put Soul In Your Business and Money in Your Bank  by Christine Kloser

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod