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Dec 22, 2017

In this episode, Devi chats with Dean Smith about the life-transforming power of forgiveness.  Dean is a forgiveness expert and Certified Life & Leadership Coach. He was the subject of an award-winning documentary (Live To Forgive) that chronicles his journey from the debilitating murder of his mother to the monumental breakthroughs that have uniquely prepared him to teach and inspire audiences around the nation. 

If you are dealing with an area of your life, where you are holding bitterness, resentment or non-forgiveness, this is an episode that you don’t want to miss.

Devi & Dean discuss... 

  • Dean's life-transforming journey of forgiveness
  • Being adopted by a loving pastor after his mom died
  • Dealing with addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Going to the very “bottom” to look “up”
  • The moment of choice when Dean decided to forgive
  • The gift of knowing that "You’ll never live in the fullness of your God-given potential until you have made forgiveness a priority"
  • "Unshackling" from pain and bitterness
  • The different aspects of forgiveness
  • The significance of the last few moments before you go to sleep
  • What is available in the absence of bitterness and non-forgiveness
  • What Dean said to his mother’s killer when he spoke to him upon his release from jail (this may surprise you)
  • The making of the documentary "Live to Forgive"
  • One of the amazing conversations that took place when Dean met up with his mom’s murderer in person for the first time
  • The two things that Dean did that started him down the path of forgiveness
  • Making a choice, speaking it, and asking for help
  • The freedom that comes from "making the choice to keep making the choice" 
  • How bitterness and unforgiveness are like cyanide to your soul, keeping you from your full potential
  • The new possibility that “I can forgive anyone, for anything”
  • The two things that neuroscience has discovered that will move your brain most powerfully and how to use them to assist you in forgiveness:
    • the words that you speak
    • the pictures that you make in your mind
  • Powerful steps towards forgiveness
  • Why it is not always practical or appropriate to reconcile with the person that you choose to forgive
  • How choosing to be a loving person doesn’t mean that you don’t have boundaries anymore
  • Dean's journey of self-forgiveness
  • Choosing to be a "victor" vs. a "victim"
  • Taking the hardships of your life and turning them into a blessing for others

and more… 

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More About Dean:

With a diverse and extraordinary background in professional sports, entrepreneurialism, and high-end sales, Dean has dedicated his life through ministry, executive coaching and as a keynote speaker to transform and empower leaders to live and perform with passion and purpose. He is the founder/director of Live To Forgive Ministries and the President of Dean Smith Consulting Group, LLC. In addition to earning a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Dean was given the highly coveted, ‘Class Clown’ award his senior year of high school.