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Mar 1, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Tamara Celeste about “Shifting Your Mindset from Sales to Service”, Tamara, the Home Buying Coach, is a real estate financial empowerment coach and the #1 bestselling author of Buy Homes Not Shoes (or other stuff) a Women’s Guide to Buying Her First Home. She coaches women who are looking to buy their first home or invest in real estate so that they feel comfortable and confident when starting the home buying investment process.  Tamara’s believes “Buying a home should be exciting and easy, not complicated or confusing”. Tamara also coaches female real estate agents to teach them how to grow their business and align their work with their passion.

Tamara has always had a passion and a gift.  Her passion is for people; always expressing a genuine interest in getting to know the people she meets. Her gift is being able to talk to, and find a commonality with almost anyone. Tamara started her career on Wall Street after graduating from law school.  After almost a decade on Wall Street Tamara realized that she could never be fulfilled in a job unless she was making a difference.  Upon moving to Florida in 2006 she obtained her real estate license and finally found her passion.  Having joined real estate at a time when the market was tumbling she soon found her niche in short sales and became one of the top agents in her County serving others in their time of need and helping her clients navigate the long, arduous and complicated short sale process with dignity.

Tamara is the owner of Sweet Life Realty Group in West Palm Beach, Fl.  Tamara has earned numerous real estate awards throughout her career such as Broker of the Year and Global Realtor of the Year from her Realtors Association.  In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and traveling to visit friends and exploring new countries.  She also volunteers her time and currently sits on the Boards of The Sonoran Initiative, which is a non-profit based in Miami whose mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty among underprivileged youth and Pace Center for Girls in Fort Pierce FL, which is an intervention and educational program for at-risk girls.

Devi and Tamara discuss:

  • Tamara’s inspirational and passionate journey from sales to service
  • Tamara’s journey from Wall Street to living her passion
  • Tamara’s experience in her shoe business
  • Tamara’s journey through becoming a real estate agent
  • What is a “short sale”
  • Giving the opportunity to get out of a bad situation
  • The shift from sales to service
  • The difference between sales and service
  • Buying homes, not shoes
  • The transition from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Broker
  • How to make sure your clients are happy
  • What to do when you get more money
  • How to grow and sustain your business and your passion
  • Keeping your motivation going
  • Steps to getting your first investment property
  • Buying the "right" property
  • Getting into the market
  • Real Estate as the safest investment
  • Real Estate for entrepreneurs
  • A good entry point into the market
  • Benefits of shifting your mindset from sales to service
  • Being genuine in your business
  • The shift that will make the biggest difference
  • Realizing that you are the "conduit"
  • Sharing your gifts with the world and not holding it back 

and more…

Connect with Tamara @

Book: “Buy Homes, Not Shoes”