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WELCOME Spiritual Entrepreneur!   We have some BIG updates brewing and will be back to new episodes soon.  We are moving our show website as well, so you'll want to use from now on. In the meantime, enjoy these episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope you will LOVE.   You can also visit Devi  Thank you for being here! 

Mar 25, 2022

In this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, I share with you 3 ways you can scale your business as a spiritual entrepreneur.  

I'm really excited to talk to you about this topic because I believe that there are things that you can do tactically that will support us in growing and scaling your business.

There are a lot of things that we can do strategically and tactically to scale, but what I absolutely believe is consciousness is the key piece that makes all the difference in the results that we get as we take inspired aligned action.

A sneak peek at the episode:

[10:026 “Is something that is really good for you? Is it something that you're creating out of fear, you can even ask the question, is this actually a really great strategy? ”

[07:08] “What would be in the highest alignment for your business to help them to grow and pay attention to any downloads?”


Happy Listening!

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