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Nov 30, 2021

This is a very special episode! In this episode I’ll be sharing with you some of the things that I've been thinking about as I've had this week of celebration. It is easy to keep flowing through life without taking time to pause and take stock of the fullness of our life experience.

I invite you to take a minute to breathe, pause and come into the awareness of right here right now. 

A lot has shifted for me this year and I imagine that it has for you as well. Things have really been shifting quickly as we're going through this awakening in our collective.  It is so important to pay extra attention to what these changes are bringing.  

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The Pause in between and all that means

  • Changes in my past year

A sneak peek at the episode:

  • [08:42] “Big shifts and changes in my life that I didn't actually anticipate were going to be there when I was starting out in 2021, but that have proven to be beautiful.”
  • [02:45] “Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some of the demarcation for me and the things that I've been thinking about as I've had this week of celebration, and I've kind of turned the dial on the next year of my life”
  • [17:39] “So I invite you to live in the pause with me. Maybe it's going to be “Blursday”, but let's allow some time in between the blur, in the pause in between to really experience...”

Happy Listening!

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