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Jan 25, 2020

(Devi Download) Hey, there Radiant Spiritual Entrepreneur!  Ever since I interviewed Marianne Williamson on the show last week, I have been getting all sorts of comments and questions, such as:

“Was she a dream guest for you?”

“I have wanted to have her on my show!  How did you get her on the show?”

“Were you nervous?”
“I LOVE her!” so many wonderful comments! 

So, this week - I thought I would answer some of these questions and talk about what it is like to interview someone who is a dream guest… (Spoiler alert: Yes Marianne was, and continues to be, a dream guest for me!)

In this episode, I share with you...

  • The backstory on how this episode came about
  • What it was like for me to interview a dream guest
  • The unexpected blessings from this conversation
  • Shifting consciousness in business and politics
  • What you can do to move towards your dream interview or any other inspired goals

If you have not listened to Marianne Williamson’s episode on the show, please make a point to check it out - “Episode 212: A Politics of Love”

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