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Jan 31, 2020

In this episode, Devi and Larry Michel chat about "Genetic Energetics". AKA “The Love Shepherd” Larry is a relationship coach, author, speaker and host of The Larry Love Show. As founder of and Institute of Genetic Energetics they have served over 1 million people worldwide with the only online compatibility system unlocking the mysteries and motivations behind our actions, from emotional upsets to our most joyous experiences. Larry dedicates his life to creating possibility for us to live in courageous intimacy and in our full loving expression.

Devi and Larry discuss:

  • Larry’s Energetic life story
  • Being emotionally healthy
  • Being courageously intimate
  • Making a profile about yourself
  • Aspects of business
  • Learning more about yourself
  • Belief systems that run our lives
  • How we engage sexually
  • The four key lifestyle traits
  • Picking your words to mean exactly what you have to say
  • Figurative vs Literal talking styles
  • Different ways of communicating
  • Being closely connected with your friends
  • Your Sexual Response type
  • Matching with your Sexual Response type
  • Sexually mismatched couples
  • Energetic mismatched couples
  • Stopping long enough to really be curious
  • Connecting on a large scale with people
  • Pulling out of unhealthy relationships

and more…

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