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Jan 17, 2020

In this episode, Devi speaks with Marianne Williamson about "A Politics of Love".  This episode was recorded on January 9, 2020, the day before Marianne Williamson suspended her campaign for President of the United States.  Regardless of your political affiliation or who you plan to vote for in the next presidential election, this episode shines a beautiful light on the importance of bringing our conscious awareness and stand to the world of Politics as Spiritual Entrepreneurs. 

Marianne Williamson has opened up a new spiritual conversation in the world of politics that is based upon love and added a new energetic frequency to politics, that has not been witnessed before in the US Presidential Race.  Listen in, as Marianne shares her unique and powerful perspectives on "A Politics of Love". 

More about Marianne Williamson:

Marianne Williamson is an author, activist, non-denominational faith leader and Democratic candidate for President.

For 35 years, Williamson has been a leading progressive voice on spirituality and its intersection with politics. She is the author of 14 books (4 #1 NYT best-sellers) including Healing the Soul of America and her most recent, A Politics of Love: Handbook for a New American Revolution.

Williamson is the founder of several non-profit organizations including The Peace Alliance and Project Angel Food, a non-profit that has delivered more than 12 million meals to ill and dying homebound patients since 1989.

Her signature policy issues include establishing a U.S. Department of Children & Youth and a U.S Department of Peace.

Williamson seeks to educate, inspire and organize citizens to reclaim their power as the true governing force in our democracy. 

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If you feel inspired by Marianne's words, please follow that inspiration and move into action.  Our world needs your light and our political world needs more Spiritual Entrepreneurs, like you, to join in this new conversation!