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Dec 20, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with David McCrae about “Authoring Your Life”. David is the author of two #1 Amazon bestselling books and a highly acclaimed seminar leader and inspirational speaker who delivers to audiences across the UK. He is a national public speaking champion in his home country of Scotland. When David lost his dad to cancer at age 22, he realized that he was not making the most of his life, and serving others to his full potential. From this point, he endeavored to commit fully to life, create transformational impact for others, and to honor the memory of his dad.

His mission is to help people create new narratives for themselves and their lives, and become the Hero of their Story. David empowers people through his Author Your Life seminars and programs, which develops three key principles of Consciousness, Calling and Connection. He is creating transformation one page and one stage at a time.

Devi and David discuss:

  • David inspiring journey to becoming an author
  • Aspirational goals
  • Deciding what your life is going to look like in advance
  • How David lived to honor the memory of his dad
  • The gift of being able to say goodbye to a loved one
  • Starting your life of service to others
  • Authoring your life
  • Being happy with how you live
  • David’s “3 Key Principles of Consciousness”
  • The deeper purpose and meaning of the work that you do
  • Different forms of relationships
  • The spiritual notion of "consciousness"
  • Being the true and best version of yourself
  • Authentically and facing your fears
  • David’s journey authoring his own book
  • Learning your craft as a writer
  • Marketing your book
  • Finding your own path

and more…

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