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Nov 22, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Meredith Skyer about “Animal Artivism”.  Meredith’s world revolves around two things, animals and art.

Meredith is a ceramic artist specializing in functional, whimsical pieces inspired by the animal kingdom. She uses her artwork to make joyful spaces and smiling faces for fellow animal lovers.

When Meredith isn’t working in the studio, she’s teaching both children and adults how to overcome their limiting self-beliefs about creativity and find happiness in making art. Meredith teaches online and in-person art workshops to bring out the inner artist in us all.

Meredith is also the founder of the Backyard Chicken Project, a place for people to master the art of loving chickens, together. Meredith encourages self-sufficiency and animal advocacy by teaching the art of keeping backyard chickens as pets with benefits.

Her upcoming project, Animal Artivism, will help to draw awareness to nature conservation and animal welfare through the power of art.

Devi and Meredith discuss:

  • Meredith’s artistic and inspiring story as an advocate and entrepreneur
  • Meredith’s Backyard Chicken Project
  • Giving people encouragement and confidence in raising chickens
  • Meredith’s community for chicken lovers
  • Meredith’s blog for the Backyard Chicken Project
  • The art of raising animals
  • Meredith’s Lama pots
  • Virtually adopting animals
  • Animal Artivism
  • The biggest issues our planet is facing right now
  • Visual Arts
  • Creating a movement through Social Media
  • Etsy for spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Marketing your shop 
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • Putting in the effort for your movement
  • Meredith’s vision for Animal Artivism
  • Organizing a movement for Animal Artivism
  • Being true to yourself

And more…

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