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Sep 27, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Alex Rudnicka about “Transforming Your Fear of Selling and Self-Promotion”. Alex is the founder of CEO Female Entrepreneur, a mentorship company that teaches women who to connect with their inner Badass CEO, rock their sales and run their business like a PRO. She is a living example of what is possible with hard work and dedication as she built her business as a single mother and an immigrant despite many challenges. Alex is hugely passionate about empowering women to follow their desires no matter what their circumstances.

Devi and Alex discuss:

  • Alex’s inspiring story of transformation in business
  • Identifying your target market
  • Having a system-thinking in your business
  • Having the desire to help people with your business
  • Building your life, business, and career from scratch
  • Alex’s gift for reading people very quickly
  • Helping people to make an impact
  • Unhealthy relationship between sales and marketing
  • How Alex started her business
  • The fear of not selling
  • Seeing yourself as a seller
  • Changing your perception about business 
  • Going deep into your skillset
  • Transforming different areas of your life
  • Seeking out books, videos and other resources for selling
  • How you could feel about selling
  • How Alex transformed her perception of selling
  • Questioning where your feelings come from about sales
  • Looking deep into your beliefs
  • The consciousness behind sales
  • Doing the “dirty laundry” for your business
  • Being comfortable with your skills
  • Realizing that there is no other way but to improve and get even better
  • Claiming your space
  • Creating alignment with your identity
  • The art of selling
  • Believing in yourself

and more…

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