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Sep 9, 2019

(Summerfest) In this episode, Devi chats with Debbie White about “Living an Out-Rageously! Good L.Y.F.E.”. Debbie is a “Chief Inspirer”, speaker and author, enthusiastic about encouraging women to live their full life experiences, reminding them that they also are a priority.

Debbie’s commitment to advocating for others to aspire to live an Out-Rageously! Good L.Y.F.E. (Live. Your. Full. Experience.) ™ stems in large part from her being a young widow left to raise her then one-year-old daughter, quickly followed by her father-in-law experiencing a massive stroke due to grief over the loss of his son.

She is the author of Weekly Reflections for an Out-Rageously! Good L.Y.F.E.™, a year-long guide on weekly topics to keep you encouraged to continue pushing toward living your full experience, and Stay Marriageable™ - Guidelines for EVERYONE, Yep That Means YOU!

Devi and Debbie discuss:

  • Debbie’s extraordinary and outrageously Good L.Y.F.E. stories
  • Appreciating your life along with the good and bad experiences
  • Traveling with her daughter
  • The very recent passing of Debbie’s father and how she continues to show up
  • Knowing that women need to prioritize themselves and live their Good L.Y.F.E.
  • Focusing on what you can be grateful for
  • Prioritizing yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Acknowledging and awarding yourself 
  • Following whatever is in your heart
  • Realizing that this is what you’re path is supposed to be
  • Debbie’s spiritual practices in living an Out-Rageously! Good L.Y.F.E.™
  • Starting your day by saying what you’re thankful for
  • Asking for more patience and grace
  • Being thankful for the things that happened throughout the day
  • Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • Always taking care of you
  • Doing what makes you happy as much as possible

and more...

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