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Aug 30, 2019

(Summerfest) In this episode, Devi chats with Michelle Smith about "Conscious Birthing". 

Known for the soothing sound of her voice and calming presence, Michelle serves as an educator and advocate for families as they navigate our challenging medical system which often strips women of their autonomy and their right to be heard.

Michelle is the founder of the Birth Ease Method—a childbirth education program which teaches parents how to connect with their inner wisdom, release their fears, and create a deep and profound relaxation habit. Vital skills that serve families not only throughout their pregnancy and birth, but ultimately for the rest of their lives.

With first-hand experience regarding the deep and far-reaching impacts of stress, birth trauma, and perinatal loss; Michelle has developed a specialization that includes stress reduction, natural childbirth, parenting, grief, trauma, and birth-related post-traumatic stress. An expert in the field, Michelle possesses twenty years of experience a clinical hypnotherapist, educator, birth and bereavement doula, ordained interfaith minister, and energy healing practitioner. She is creating transformation in the lives of families one birth at a time.

Devi and Michelle discuss:

  • Michelle’s beautiful life experiences
  • Michelle’s experiences with birth and pregnancy
  • The pain of losing someone, especially at birth
  • Bringing consciousness to birthing
  • Being conscious of the process of pregnancy
  • Dealing with loss in pregnancy
  • Giving space to parents who experienced loss
  • The kind of grief of losing someone
  • Being connected with your baby inside the womb
  • Trusting with your inner wisdom
  • Creating space to welcome your baby
  • Listening to your soul
  • Having the divine connection
  • Acknowledging your baby during pregnancy
  • Connecting with and trusting your inner wisdom
  • Mitigating stress to connect with your baby
  • Choosing your caregiver as part of the process
  • Contemplating what’s important for you
  • Knowing that you have a divine connection with your baby

and more…

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