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WELCOME Spiritual Entrepreneur!   We have some BIG updates brewing and will be back to new episodes soon.  We are moving our show website as well, so you'll want to use from now on. In the meantime, enjoy these episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope you will LOVE.   You can also visit Devi  Thank you for being here! 

May 24, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Tracy Higley about “The Serial Entrepreneur Journey as a Spiritual Entrepreneur”. Tracy has been an entrepreneur since childhood, and is currently CEO of several ecommerce and logistics companies. She’s also a prolific author, having written over a dozen novels and nonfiction books. She’s the founder and CEO of Impactivity, which coaches entrepreneurial women to thrive by integrating business, health, and spirituality. She can be found at, and on Facebook and Instagram @impactivity.

Devi and Tracy discuss:

  • Tracy’s amazing journey of entrepreneurship
  • The childhood experiences that led Tracy into entrepreneurship
  • Figuring out how to be passionate about multiple things
  • Where did “Impactivity” come from
  • Tracy's wonderful business experience with her daughter
  • Tracy's online e-commerce business
  • Tracy's Shopify business with her daughter
  • HowTracy grew her online businesses
  • Getting in touch with Tracy's manufacturers
  • The process of trying out a good product
  • Looking out for a new product on Amazon
  • Tracy's online shipping business through Amazon
  • Being aligned with your goals
  • Tracy's journey as a writer
  • Focusing on what we want to do in life and in our business
  • Being intentional about understanding yourself and what works for you
  • Knowing that you are built differently and uniquely
  • Selecting a team for your business
  • How to know when to bring a new person on
  • Knowing that everyone work on things differently
  • Balancing family life and work life
  • Stopping comparing yourself to other people
  • Feeling grounded within your faith
  • Understanding yourself better
  • Starting to believe that there’s a power outside of yourself
  • The true power to serve
  • Tracy's daily routine to create more balance
  • Organizing your emails 

and more… 

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