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Oct 26, 2018

In this episode, Devi chats with Sharón Lynn Wyeth about "How Your Destiny is Tied to Your Name". Sharón has accomplishments to her credit in many fields. Her impact in education has benefited thousands of students and has been highlighted in nationally syndicated television programs, as well as in the President of the United States yearly conference for the fifty governors. In addition, Sharón has used her innate gift of intuition, combined with her keen observation skills, and reasoning mind to create Neimology® Science as an indicator to analyze an individual’s personality, in the same category, yet differently than the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram methodologies.

Devi and Sharón discuss:

  • Sharón’s interesting “name” story
  • “Name” as an overriding umbrella
  • Changing your name means adapting to your environment
  • Interpreting last names
  • Learning how you fit in with your “new last name”
  • Techniques on adding onto your last name
  • How your environment influences you
  • How your last name defines “who you bring to you”
  • Adding “EA” or “AE” in your last name to have more balance in your life
  • Combining your last name with your environment
  • Interpreting “middle names”
  • How your original first name is your “Blueprint” 
  • How having more nicknames means “exploring possibilities”
  • Knowing your potential health problems through your name
  • Knowing your weakest link through your name
  • About Neimology® Science
  • The letters and position in your name
  • Interpreting the first vowel in your name
  • “D” (the divine letter)
  • Which letter in your name lets you know what people say behind your back
  • The elements to creating names for business
  • Why you should meditate without expectations

and more... 

More about Sharón:

Sharón is recognized internationally as a name expert as she can determine one's strengths, challenges and the purpose of one's life by deciphering a person's name. Sharón created Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research followed by 3 years of testing her theories in over 70 countries, including Russia, India, and China.  She then continued to develop how to interpret names over the next twenty-two years, which is why Neimology® Science is so accurate today.  

Sharón combines Neimology®Science and her intuition to give exacting, accurate readings to individuals assisting them to get answers on topics such as love, career, money, relationships, and other aspects of life. She is trusted by her international clientele to guide them by providing discerning, perceptive, and insightful suggestions as her vast experiences and wisdom come through her readings.

The greatest gift that came from developing Neimology® Science was being able to see all people as One, as our basic desires remain the same regardless of where we live or what culture we are experiencing.  

Over the years, she has been able to support thousands of people around the world in understanding themselves and others better.  Today she assists different individual groups: Human Resource departments of different businesses in choosing appropriate candidates to interview, assists lawyers in how to present cases to judges,  and in picking their juries, and couples and families on how to better communicate with each other to improve their relationships. She also creates names for new business, new products and when people wish to change their name.

Her bestselling book, “Know the Name; Know the Person” has won an award for excellence in writing. Sharón is a frequent guest worldwide in the media via articles, radio, and television along with hosting her own radio show, “Know the Name; Know the Genius in You” originating in Canada and rebroadcast in twenty countries and on overseas military bases via iHeart radio.

Connect with Sharón @